Elimination of Violence Against Women

It is not a privilege; it is a right.

“Khub ladi mardaani wo to Jhansi vaali rani thi” (She fought like a man, she was the queen of Jhansi) - something we've heard since our gullible school days. We never questioned why “fought like a man” was the standard. We were happy to believe that it was a comparison of bravery. Men were strong - our warriors, protectors.

Little did we know that the real world awaited us with the jarring truth that more often than not, this “strength” of theirs was used to inflict crimes of violence against women time and time again.

As two young Indian women authoring this article, we wish profoundly that we could state that this was only witnessed in history, and that, in the ‘educated times’ of the 21st century, we’ve moved long past it. But alas, it is still the dismally unfortunate reality. What’s more is that they never taught us how the subject of that poem was a rare occurrence, and that in commonality, women aren’t praised for showcasing bravery, but are rather suppressed for having a voice.