It's one of those nights again. You lie on your bed weighed down by your endless thoughts. You think and think, or rather over think. Like a trickster, your mind plays melancholic thoughts on a constant loop. And then, you make the colossal mistake once again. You start comparing your life with others. An inner critical voice, full of self-loathing, lashes out at you. Slowly, you find yourself falling into a deep and dark abyss.

All of us have experienced it, haven’t we? But are these mood swings taking a toll on you? Are your day-to-day activities being affected? Are you unable to focus on anything and even lack the motivation to get up to face the day? If yes, then perhaps it’s the time to introspect.

We live in a harsh world of competition and escalating stress levels. In a world driven by anger, jealousy, frustration, fear, melancholy and apathy; it is easy to fall prey to conflicts, failures, unnecessary comparisons and loneliness. When these emotions are not dealt with, they tend to snowball into burning issues clawing at your chest. You bottle up your pain sadness and hide it deep in your heart- thinking that it will fade away. Another blunder! The pain keeps growing, spreading its roots and consuming your soul. It haunts and torments you day and night. And, there comes a point when you cannot think of anything but the pain and suffering.

So, what to do?

The first step is to observe your own behaviour and look for red flags. Some of them are:

  • Loss of interest in daily activities

  • Sadness, emptiness or feeling down

  • Hopelessness

  • Tiredness and lack of energy

  • Low self-esteem, self-criticism or feeling incapable

  • Trouble concentrating and trouble making decisions

  • Irritability or excessive anger

  • Decreased activity, effectiveness and productivity

  • Avoidance of social activities