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-Elizabeth Andrew

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"I joined talk-aloud because I feel that mental health is not talked about a lot. People just keep saying that "you can come and talk to me" but difficult to take the step and actually talk to someone. So I volunteered as I wish to be that safe space and the person who people can open up too."

- anonymous

- anonymous

"I have seen my friends suffering a lot and taking poor decisions during their low phase an I felt helpless that I couldn't do anything for them. So it would be a great pleasure even if I could help one person through this. Talk aloud is a great opportunity to learn how to deal with people going through their low phase."


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Blue Washed Wall

I had a tough childhood. My father and his family were always harsh on me, my mother, my younger sister. We were like servants to them or I would say use and throw pens. Well, all my childhood I noticed how brutally my mother was mentally and physically tortured and not even valued for anything. Gradually I developed inferiority complex but I used to fake out a lot in my school day. My classmates used to call me lady gaga and the happiest person but deep inside only I and few close friends knew what I was going through. The best part of my story is that I helped myself. In 11th grade, I came across a subject known as psychology. It made me question myself what I am going through and what I can do to help myself because clearly, I knew it then, I can't afford a psychologist. So yeah! I helped myself and throughout this process, my mother was always with me like my backbone. She inspired me so much. We filed a case against my father and his family 3 years ago. We are still fighting it but with a different energy in us. You must be thinking about how I helped myself. It was not difficult. I just self-introspected and channelized my energy in creative things like theater, music, painting, workout, etc. I started focusing on the positive side of this situation. And finally, now I can say that I am happy and positive in real sense. I am happy and grateful for the circumstances I faced during my childhood. They motivated me to push my limits and helped me to grow as a positive and happy person. Still, challenges come but I feel that I am ready to face them. "God helps those who help themselves." I feel that everyone needs to find that energy in themselves and start pushing their limits. Then God will help you. Plus, I have learned that there are 2 things we do to a situation. React and Respond. The reaction is crying, anger, frustration, negative emotions like these. And Respond is to find solutions to solve the problem. So, start responding it will help you to lead a better life.





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